The Struts

As someone who wishes she lived in the ’70s for the sole purpose of seeing Freddy Mercury live on stage, The Struts are as close as I ever will be and I’m totally ok with that. Luke Spiller as The Struts front man completely commands his stage. I almost regret comparing him to Freddy Mercury because I don’t think either does each other justice because what makes them great are qualities that are very unique to each other. But anyone that has any lick of music knowledge would see Luke and likely draw the comparison.

I have to point out something I thought was also very unique for the band in general, which often gets overlooked. The entire band, Adam Slack (guitarist), Jed Elliot (bass) and Gethin Davies (drums) all posed organically for me. Not in a pretentious way, but in a “I’m going to give you exactly what you want” type of way, which makes my job easier and I appreciate that.


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