Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney opened up 91X’s annual Wrex the Halls 2018! This guy has come a long way, and he was … More

Bob Moses

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot Bob Moses three significant times. The first time was in a smaller venue, Music … More

Billie Eilish

This woman is one of the best young vocalists I’ve seen and she clearly doesn’t give a fuck what I … More

The Struts

As someone who wishes she lived in the ’70s for the sole purpose of seeing Freddy Mercury live on stage, … More

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Their name attracted me the most, but their sound is what kept me listening (over and over and…). When my … More


I listened to their first album more times than I can count. Their second album is at the top of … More


I have to admit, I knew 3 things about this band before taking these pictures: Their fans are absolute die-hards. … More

Dead and Company

I had to change a flight to shoot this show. (Worth it.) Never have I met fans who treat each … More

Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. was at Humphries in San Diego 2016, and is absolutely mesmerizing to watch. I’ve seen his show … More