I have to admit, I knew 3 things about this band before taking these pictures:

  1. Their fans are absolute die-hards. (I know this because every time I tweeted about them on Z90’s Twitter account, they BLOW UP our notifications.)
  2. When I posted that I was going to shoot this show on Instagram, I more than doubled my follower counts with fans all up in my DM asking me about it.
  3. My favorite photographer, Andy Deluca, was hired by them to be be their tour photographer, which upped the ante in my book, to be quite honest.

When you look at a band like this, it’s easy to judge them thinking something like, “It’s just another boy band.” But I have to say, it was really cool to be able to talk to some fans about their passion. I was instantly reminded of the days when my obsession over N’Sync completely consumed me and the silly cliché, “music brings people together,” which is absolutely 100% true.



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